is a online platform to send letter and postcard online

What is PostPatra? is an Online Platform where you can Send Letters and Postcards Physically as Easily as an SMS.

You can have letters & postcards printed, packaged, and sent anywhere you choose with only a few clicks. You can transfer letters fast and more securely than anyone with PostPatra. Although, you can customize attractive postcards and have them distributed to your loved ones in minutes.

Jayesh Patil is the founder and CEO of Postpatra founded in June 2020

What is our Goal?

PostPatra makes a big difference and gap between people using the post office by visiting it physically. In PostPatra we make it easier by just one click sitting in your room. On the other hand, the letter and postcard evoke a distinct mood. Messaging apps make us easy, yet none meet a specific need. As a result, we are here to provide you with an online platform via which you may mail letters and postcards. Goal

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What They Say About Us?

Arjun Tripati Customer

There are so many platforms, where they assure send free letters, they just send an email, here I sent letters free of cost and postpatra actually sent printed letter to the receiver. Just wow. Thank You PostPatra

Mithilesh Desai Customer

love the service, mainly designing the letters. it’s very quick and easy process. Now it’s very easy to send postcards from home.

Purva Joshi Customer

Go to the post office and post letters headache is no more. I can simply design letters from even my smartphone and send to everywhere.

What is postpatra?

Postpatra helps to send physical printed letters and postcards with 100% free shipping available anywhere in India. You can send letters and postcards with fast and secure delivery options present with step by step tracking.

Which services does postpatra provide?

Postpatra provides services like sending letters and postcards to users across the world with top notch and assured services and a great customer support.

Does this really deliver printed letter?

Yes, Postpatra really send send your letter or postcard which you designed or uploaded physically printed with fast and secure service offered at very low prices.

Why such a great service at a low cost?

We at postpatra believe to revolutionaries the problem solving culture. The cost of product are low because we want to provide the services which are convinient to use and also affordable to the pocket to our users.

Is Delivery really 100% free?

Yes, Sending letters and postcard through Postpatra anywhere in India is totally free. No any hidden charges/cost are been charged delivering in India.

How secure is postpatra?

Security and Quick service is what Postpatra is known for. We provide best security to the users to make their letter and postcard sending journey safe and secure.
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